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Perlas ng Silanganan


There is no question that the number one asset of the Philippines is a young, growing, English-speaking, and if we invest more, educated population. There are few countries that can speak of that combination…
My greatest concern… is that I don’t see a very systematic management succession program… and one evidence is I see a lot of people who are over 70, who are being recycled constantly…
This is the once-in-a-lifetime Story
Of a Country Coming of Age
As Told Through The People and Organizations
Whose Leadership by Example
Duyan ka ng Magiting


We want to be 5x bigger in 7 years… so the next two goals show us where are we going to focus… where do we have to be #1… what’s going to differentiate us… where do we have to excel?


Research and Development
Concepcion Industries, Inc.

Hindi naman ako nagrerepresent lang ng sarili ko. I’m representing the CCAC and CIC group. At the same time, I’m representing the Filipino people.

Innovation is making yourself better than your old self. We have to make ourselves better than what we were yesterday. Kasi if we don’t then probably we will die. We will be forgotten later on.



Concepcion Industries, Inc.

Ang gusto kong mapakita sa team ko is yung sense of ownership. Kumbaga parang, tine-take namin yung team as a family talaga. Laging inaadvise sa’min ng boss namin, ‘take care of your team’.


Kapag binigyan mo ako ng trust, hindi ko basta tinatanggihan yan.


Chief Finance and Information Officer
Concepcion Industries, Inc.

After a while of running something, you start to think, teka lang. What’s going to be our legacy? And why am I going back to CCAC only to run things the way we used to run them? It’s really that self-fulfillment, my sense of purpose. Sense of purpose that more or less is aligned with where we should take CIC as well.


When the group was asked, “okay, write a newspaper article. Write a headline envisioning where the company would be three to four years down the line.” And people laughed at Wincor Cas because his headline was, “CCAC Goes Public.” That was in 2011. “Yan! ‘Yan talaga ang dreaming big.” Two years down the road, we’re public.


Alab ng Puso


You will walk the corridors of wealth and power but we try to push them to ask ‘what’s the power for’, ‘what’s the wealth for…’

Changing Culture Requires a Movement, Not a Mandate
Movements start from a diffuse dissatisfaction with the status quo and a broad sense that the current institutions and power structures of the society will not address the problem. This brewing discontent turns into a movement when a voice arises that provides a positive vision and a path forward that’s within the power of the crowd.
Sa Dibdib mo’y Buhay


I would say passion, commitment, dedication, love – love for your work and for your way of life… So that to me would be the overarching value that I would treasure myself.
Changing Culture Requires a Movement, Not a Mandate
The dominant culture and structure of today’s organizations are perfectly designed to produce their current behaviors and outcomes, regardless of whether those outcomes are the ones you want. If your hope is for individuals to act differently, it helps to change their surrounding conditions to be more supportive of the new behaviors, particularly when they are antithetical to the dominant culture. Outposts and labs are often built as new environments that serve as a microcosm for change.
Tagumpay na Nagniningning


The standard that we hold ourselves to is actually higher
than L’Oreal, higher than Aveeda.
Some of these big
name brands around the world, we hold ourselves to a higher standard.

You have to determine before you start that Quality is going to be a pillar for you, because there will be so many temptations to cut corners along the way.
Changing Culture Requires a Movement, Not a Mandate
To harness people’s full, lasting commitment, they must feel a deep desire, and even responsibility, to change. A leader can do this by framing change within the organization’s purpose — the “why we exist” question. A good organizational purpose calls for the pursuit of greatness in service of others. It asks employees to be driven by more than personal gain. It gives meaning to work, conjures individual emotion, and incites collective action.
Sa Langit mong Bughaw


We are a cross-generational company… The goal put forward by the Millenials and Generation X (I am a Baby Boomer) is that by 2020 we should be, not the biggest, but the most admired architectural firm in the Asia Pacific. It’s a very tall order

Changing Culture Requires a Movement, Not a Mandate
Demonstrate quick wins. Movement makers are very good at recognizing the power of celebrating small wins. Research has shown that demonstrating efficacy is one way that movements bring in people who are sympathetic but not yet mobilized to join.
Bayang Magiliw




We can end poverty, not through charity, but by creating prosperity together.
Changing Culture Requires a Movement, Not a Mandate

What’s more, social movements typically start small. They begin with a group of passionate enthusiasts who deliver a few modest wins. While these wins are small, they’re powerful in demonstrating efficacy to nonparticipants, and they help the movement gain steam. The movement really gathers force and scale once this group successfully co-opts existing networks and influencers. Eventually, in successful movements, leaders leverage their momentum and influence to institutionalize the change in the formal power
structures and rules of society.

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People embrace greatness when they see people embrace greatness; people believe when they see people believe; people embrace change no matter how difficult when they see people embrace change no matter how difficult; people admit mistakes when they see people admit mistakes; people work as a team and put pettiness aside when they see people work as a team and put pettiness aside; people start to innovate and create value within the context of their own roles when they see people start to innovate and create value within the context of their own roles; people act with integrity when they see people act with integrity; people live corporate values when they see people live corporate values; people strive to fulfill mission and vision when they see people strive to fulfill vision and mission.


INSPIRE 100,000,000 Filipinos
to an actionable vision of Filipino Greatness – to fulfill our
greatest potential as individuals, as organizations, and as a nation.


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