On-demand corporate programming to inspire and empower your workforce, partners and customers in the New Normal


We transform your communication strategy into a powerful audio-visual experience delivered on a regular frequency, designed to help you achieve your desired business outcome and cultural impact in this age of social distancing.


Highly-customizable, binge-worthy, certified remote-friendly

CEO Channel

Rebuild corporate culture for the New Normal

Scope: Leadership, Vision, Mission, Values, Strategy, and Execution

Legends Circle

Format: Casual Conversations

We 80 Leaders

Format: Corporate AVP

Legends Ignite

Format: Cinematic

Salesforce Channel

Retrain your Salesforce to adapt to the New Normal

Scope: Product Features, Basic Call Procedure, Sales Best Practices, Customer FAQ's

Bidabest On d Spot

Format: Sketch Comedy

Bidabest Hugot PC

Format: Dramedy

Bidabest Ano'ng Say Mo?

Format: Debate

Serviceforce Channel

Refocus your Serviceforce to adapt to the New Normal

Scope: Motivational Content, Do's and Don'ts, Complaints Handling, Best Practices in Customer Care

Kuwentong Ginhawa

Format: Documentary


Format: Day-in-a-life Profile

Aysus o Ayos

Format: Game Show

Corporate University

Reimagine training and learning courses for your key stakeholders in the New Normal

Scope: HR Onboarding, Competency Building, Learning Modules

The Cool Advantage

Format: Learning/ Educational

Data-Driven Decision Making

Format: Sketch Comedy

Making Smarter Financial Decisions

Format: Learning/ Educational


We collaborate closely with you every step of the way


Beyond your source materials, we deep dive into your target communication goals for your intended audience.

Architecture and Design

Based on the intake, we brainstorm and come up with the most effective and engaging treatment to bring your story to life.

Scriptwriting and Key Frames

Our writers and graphic artists collaborate on how to tell your story in the most compelling way given the agreed format and treatment.


A lot of work goes into pre-production to ensure that when the cameras finally roll, we don't miss a single beat. Re-shoots can be costly!

Voice Over

Bad-quality audio can easily ruin a great visual.

Online Editing

No, not everything can be fixed in post. But when the raw video and audio materials are executed well, our editors can sure do great things with them!

Client Review

We work closely with you on necessary revisions until we get the green light.


We measure how effective our videos are to your target audience because ultimately, what matters to us is Impact.


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