Reach 100,000 Filipino professionals across PH100 Top Employers and inspire them to greatness via 2,400 video shorts and 2,400 gameified challenges deployed daily for 24 months

Reach 100,000 Filipino professionals via top 100 employers.

24 video shorts “Envisioning the Great Filipino Professional”.

24 video shorts featuring stories and heroes of each organization.

24 Gameified challenges to add retention, application, accountability and performance metrics.

1,000 user accounts with cloud, mobile, social and game tech to experience content and challenges.

To make All PH professionals great by reaching as much Filipino professionals as possible to make an impact to our country.

24 video shorts “Envisioning the Great Filipino Professional”.

3 inspiring episodes from each PH100.

Pop Quiz will serve as a daily reminder of Acts of Greatness as a Filipino Citizen.

We will partner with the Philippines’ top 100 employers to inspire 100,000 Filipino professionals in 24 months – a first step towards our 10-year roadmap of inspiring and empowering greatness in 100 Million Filipinos and 600 Million fellow citizens of the ASEAN.

Each organization takes their turn across the 24-month NMFG campaign by deploying the 24 x 24 x 24 x 1,000 NMFG Configuration in their own organization.

Each organization’s campaign will last 3-6 months, featuring 1-2 unique episodes per week until all 24 unique episodes and challenges are consumed.

We will strengthen national purpose and values by strengthening corporate purpose and values – by showing 2,400 characters and stories that prove purpose and values are alive in people all around us!

The combined output of 2,400 unique episodes x 2,400 unique challenges x 24 universal PSAs x 100,000 professionals across 100 organizations creates 1 billion touchpoints for National Greatness.

Inspire 100 million Filipinos to Greatness
– by inspiring Top PH100 organizations and their workforce to Greatness

Each of the 2,400 Unique Videos will start and end with a pre-roll and post-roll, part of a 24-episode national PSA (Public Service Announcement) all about “Envisioning the Great Filipino Professional“.

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As the organizational campaigns take off across the PH100, a public campaign will also be pursued in parallel. Each organization will contribute 6 of its unique episodes for public consumption – creating 600 episodes, which will also be followed by 600 challenges.

All to inspire 100,000,000 Filipinos to Greatness


People embrace greatness when they see people embrace greatness; people believe when they see people believe; people embrace change no matter how difficult when they see people embrace change no matter how difficult; people admit mistakes when they see people admit mistakes; people work as a team and put pettiness aside when they see people work as a team and put pettiness aside; people start to innovate and create value within the context of their own roles when they see people start to innovate and create value within the context of their own roles; people act with integrity when they see people act with integrity; people live corporate values when they see people live corporate values; people strive to fulfill mission and vision when they see people strive to fulfill vision and mission.

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